Permanent reminder

Thursday reminded me so much of a heart breaking morning I had in 2009. Just like that morning, my mom called me with the same tone of voice, breaking the same kind of news: someone we know had been killed. The call 7 years ago was when I was only thirteen. I didn’t know how to … More Permanent reminder

Dear Em

Dear Em, You’re in your twenties now and that’s crazy to think about. You still have your bad habits and you still have a huge list of projects to finish pinned on your planner. I don’t know what to tell you; I want to say I am disappointed but that would be an over statement. … More Dear Em

Second Year

The last thing everyone heard is that I was doing Second Year. I’m going to lay it all out and be completely honest about where I am right now. Second Year was the plan… But I will not be moving forward with it anymore. I did get confirmation from God that I was supposed to … More Second Year